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Here at golden picks we are a team of experts who specialise in predicting the outcomes of sports games
and passing on that information to you.
We do all the hard work and use our knowledge and data to predict outcomes – when you use the picks we provide to you,
we guarantee that you will make a monthly profit we are that confident of our own success.

Our tips allow you to make huge profits, and while we admit that shock results do happen, we make sure these are kept to a minimum.
Our average odds vary between 1.85 and 2.10 so you know that there is great value in each and every tip we provide,
giving you confidence to place large bets in order to secure the large profits.
With patience it’s possible to use our tips to make your own source of income.

We at golden picks provide daily tips to you, with extra tips available usually at weekends of days with lots of matches.
This means that each and every day we have something for you to use and to keep you interested in our services!
We have over 1,000 bettors that use our tips, they have been making money since signing up with us
join today and you can be a part of this!

The best thing about using our service at golden picks, is it saves you having to know….anything really about sports!
With our experts doing all the research for you, all you have to do is place the bets at your bookie of choice after receiving the tips
via your email / your personal area.
You don’t have to watch the game, just check the result at the end of the day
we have a live results service for you to be able to check any score at any time, this way you can use our site for nearly all the process.

Our website Golden-picks.com gives you the cutting edge in accurate tips, our recent tips and their success rate. You can see that we are right nearly all of the time! By using these tips, we make you a lot of money, we make some money and everyone wins from our work!
Join today and you can begin using our system to make you easy money!
Now that you know more about us, let us tell you a couple of things that you will need to be successful in using our tips.
There’s nothing major here, just a couple of personal qualities that you will need.
The three main characteristics that you will need are good money management skills, patience to wait for your chances and discipline to keep everything in order.
Make sure you’re on top of these then you should have no problem – but for a better idea of what we mean by these three things, just read below and you should be fine!


Discipline is a very important personal quality to have, or to develop whilst you are sports betting.
With a cavalier attitude it is possible to lose potentially hundreds or even thousands of your own money with no discernable gain.
With our tips you are limited to a few high percentage bets on selected matches, it would be very easy to carry on betting thinking that you have supreme knowledge whereas really you are increasing your chances of losing. After a good run, those will discipline simply add their winnings to their bankroll and resist the temptation to use them all for steadily higher wager amounts with increasing amounts of risk. Discipline is often the difference between keep your money or losing it all.
Our tips allow you to start betting and winning straight away, even if you don't know anything about sports – most people in this situation approach betting with caution. This caution often acts as a form of discipline in that it makes customers wait until they are absolutely sure before making their bets. Therefore they are less likely to be carefree with their cash and make unwise bets purely because the money is in their account or because they're just simply bored.Disciplined bettors are often very shrewd as to where they wager (as they look to secure the best odds they can find) as well as when they wager, sometimes that bit of last minute team news can completely derail a bet and change everything. Even those times where players injure themselves warming up for games mean that some disciplined bettors wait until the last possible moment before placing their bets. This sort of player will often do their own research, using our tips as guidelines before weighing up outcomes and doing their own calculations. These people usually find success as they leave as little as possible to chance and seek the easy wins with decent odds. Having a bit of diecipline is the difference between winners and losers.It's clear that discipline is a key part of the betting process as we try to ensure that you don't find yourself losing money foolishly. By relying on our tips you can be rest assured that the high win percentages will work in your favour and that you see a positive outcome at the end of the month. Start using our system and you will be rewarded!

Money Management

The first and ultimately major rule of betting, is to never bet what you can’t afford to lose. If you ignore this then you can turn a hobby that can earn you extra cash into a full life crisis. Always have a budget and work out what the highest amount you can afford to lose each day, week or month is and make sure you stick to it!
Budgeting is an important facet of money management for the bettor, obviously we always plan to win, but every now and again it’s possible to end up on a really poor streak where nothing seems to go your way (obviously with our tips this won’t happen!) and you don’t want to affect your real life situation. It’s ludicrous to spend so much on betting that you can’t afford to get the train to work for instance. By budgeting and keeping a record of your bets, you will never end up in this dire straits situation.
Enough of the negative side of things! It also makes sense to keep track of all your winnings too. Partly because it’s nice to have proof that you’re making a lot of money, but also so that you budget effectively and also potentially legal reasons too. It’s important to be able to report on your winnings, you’ll like the feeling of seeing how much you are in the black and the impact it has on your day to day finances. Legally, you may have to keep track of the winnings in case you need to declare them as an additional income for tax reasons – ultimately this sounds like a bore, but you never want to get on the wrong side of the taxman! This may be something you don’t have to worry about in your country or state but it’s always wise to check in case.
Money management is very important in order to keep track of your money. This applies to both incomings and outgoings as it makes sense to always keep tabs on your actions and whether they’ve had a positive or negative outcome financially. By managing your money effectively you should never see any adverse effects and also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours by working out just how much money you have made from using the tips on this site. If nothing else, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!


Betting online (or in shops) can be very exciting, even more so when you are winning! It can be very easy to get carried away thinking you are a master and begin to place poorly considered bets. In this situation, patience is key. It is very easy when you are on a good run to carry on thinking you cannot lose – you begin to place more and more risky bets that are based on emotion instead of logic and eventually, you will lose. Obviously we can lose at any time, but the key aspect of patience is it allows you to keep your win percentages high and reduce the chances for a loss. It's better to try not to force bets and instead wait for those that can really make you money with the minimal risk. We provide only a few tips to you each day, these are the pick of the daily bunch and are the ones to make sure you use. If you miss a match because you're busy and feel like you have to make a bet that night, just pause and consider the money you are putting at risk and how much better that money could be used the following day when you have another tip available to use. Patience will ultimately not win us money, but it is another weapon in our armoury to make sure we lose as little of it as possible. The relaxed, calm, thoughtful player makes sure that they always in the best position for their bets to win compared to rash, illogical bettors. Patience in betting, especially sports betting is waiting firstly for matches to happen and then patience to find the right tip at the right odds for you to make money from your wagers. Without the patience to wait for the best opportunities, all you are effectively doing is looking for the easiest way to lose your money. Patience really is a virtue and a very important skill to have for bettors looking to make large amounts of money. We don't promise you any get rich quick schemes with our tips, but with patience, you will be able to come out in profit every month. With football around the globe and 2014 being a World Cup year there's not even an off-season break to have to worry about! This year is potentially a very profitable year for those with patience.


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  • "My life changed totally since the day I started investing as recommended by the experts of Golden Picks opt for the games, I'm not wasting time on useless searches and I stopped long ago choices according to what I think"

    Sergei rebrov

  • "Thank you for everything !, in the past i was burning herself from lots of unreliable sources, admit I was skeptical at first but the rest is history, keep it up!"

    liel abrmov

  • "I have no words !, For 10 years I lost a lot of money in the gambling world, until I met this site, and today I am in a different place."

    jozi suker

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