Betting Soccer Tips Today

If you want to beat your soccer bookies, then you must know the fundamentals of soccer betting. In this section of betting soccer tips , we will share with you a few important factors to consider before you embark on soccer betting.


Betting Soccer Tips #1. Team Form
Look at their recent team form. Check who was the opposition and what was the situation of the opposition at the time of the game. If available, read the recent match reports to see if the team was unlucky because of opposition goalkeeper having a great day etc.


Betting Soccer Tips #2. Home and Away Records
Check for home and away statistics. Some teams play better at home ground, some play better away. Also check if the game is a local derby and if teams share the stadium.


Betting Soccer Tips #3. Head-to-head
Check the history between the two clubs. The home and away history is important. You will be surprised how the history repeats in some games year after year.


Betting Soccer Tips #4. Team news
Be sure always to check for injuries and suspensions. Which players are missing and how important are they. If there are injuries check if it is long-time injuries or new injuries since the last game etc. How good are the players who will play instead?


Betting Soccer Tips #5. Motivation
Motivation is very important, especially when the season end is near. Ask yourself if the team needs points. Is the team playing European football and maybe will rest players. Is the team interested in the domestic cup?


Betting Soccer Tips #6. Schedule
Check the team schedule. How many games have they played in recent days? Could they be tired? When are they playing again? Is the next game very important to the team?


Betting Soccer Tips #7. Focus
Everyone has their expertise and speciality. There can be few hundred football matches today. It is important to stay focus on competitions that you are familiar with, for example England Premier League, Italy Series A, Champions League etc. You will have more knowledge about teams and players in these soccer leagues to stand a higher chance to win.


Betting Soccer Tips #8. Quality
Quality precedes quantity. There is no need for you to bet every day. You should only bet when you have confidence to win.


Betting Soccer Tips #9. LIVE In-Play
It is equivalent to live betting as you watch the match on TV or follow the live score. You may stand a higher probability to win by seeing how the team perform during the match.


Betting Soccer Tips Today #10. Bet Types
The popular bet types are 1×2 (Fixed Odds), Asian Handicap and Total Goals Over/Under. You must understand the risks and rewards that come with each bet type.


Betting Soccer Tips Today #11. Discipline
You must know your limits and do not cross the line. Be responsible in your actions, bet what you can afford to lose. Do not end up in a debt and get into trouble.

Betting Soccer Tips Today



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