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Warriors vs Thunder

Let’s start with the best team in the NBA this year, the Warriors, have looked pedestrian in this series and will have their hands full on the road tonight as they face elimination in the Western Conference Finals.  Down 3-2 in the series, they needed a supreme effort from Curry and company to win Game 5, but OK City has a strong advantage tonight, Home Court!  Early on it seemed to me Golden State just expected to win and OK City would just lay down and accept their fate, think again!

Durant and Westbrook have been stellar and have had some help along the way from their team mates however lost in the narrative here is how well Billy Donovan has coached this team, and out coached Steve Kerr in this series, and Nba picks think he can put together a "big" line-up tonight and get athletic against Golden State and get the win.

The last game both teams exploded in the 4th quarter after a lack luster 3 quarters of offense, and think you will see a shootout tonight with both teams emptying the tank and leaving it all on the floor.  OK City is a better fundamental team, and have 2 superstars who at home will do what it takes to get it done.

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