NBA predictions tonight

Nba predictions tonight are off to a promising start. We correctly picked the Cavaliers, Hawks, Warriors, Thunder, Spurs and Raptors to advance to the second round. Miami overcame a 3-2 series deficit to avoid an upset by the Hornets (and thwart our pick of Charlotte to win the series). Our L.A. over Portland prediction was a misfire as well, with the Clippers unable to overcome injuries to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Moving on to Round 2, we simulated each matchup 1,001 times using our Nba predictions tonight to determine which team is favored to advance. For the Warriors-Blazers series, we played the two teams with and without Steph Curry in the lineup. Check out the results of Nba predictions tonight :

NBA Playoffs: Second-Round Predictions
Matchup Win % Avg. Score
Thunder 49.1 100.9
Spurs 50.9 101.1
Hawks 47.5 100.3
Cavaliers 52.5 101.5
Heat 45.2 96.7
Raptors 54.8 97.8
Trail Blazers 37.7 96.4
Warriors w/o Curry 62.3 102.4
Trail Blazers 22.9 100.0
Warrors w/ Curry 77.1 111.2


Nba predictions tonight  for the Spurs and Thunder evenly split four regular-season meetings, with the home team winning each contest. Our NBA predictions tonight says more of the same in their playoff matchup, with the Spurs winning 50.9 percent of the time by an average score of 101.1-100.9. Prior to the playoffs, the Spurs were given a 27.6 percent chance to win the NBA championship, second only to Golden State. The Thunder had the third-best championship odds, winning 12.4 percent of the time.

An Eastern Conference championship by Cleveland seems like a forgone conclusion, but the Cavaliers will have a difficult time with the Hawks, according to our NBA predictions tonight. Cleveland won 52.5 percent of games, outscoring the Hawks by an average of 101.5-100.3. The Cavaliers won all three regular-season matchups between the two teams.

Whether he dresses for games or not, Curry will be the main storyline of the Warriors-Blazers series. The reigning MVP injured an ankle and a knee against Houston, but could be back as soon as Game 3 against Portland. Our NBA predictions tonight thinks he’s not a necessary piece for a Warriors’ victory though. With Curry sidelined, the Warriors beat Portland 62.3 percent of the time. Add a healthy Curry to the lineup and the win percentage jumped to 77.1 percent. While Curry is certainly imperative to Golden State’s title hopes, the team may be able to postpone his return until the Western Conference Finals if they so choose.

That’s all folks for NBA predictions tonight.

NBA predictions tonight



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