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The golden-picks.com website is offered to you by Golden Picks. By signing up with the Golden Picks website or service or any other services offered by Golden Picks , You, the user, agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions known as Terms of Service. Any change or updates to the Terms and Conditions of this website will be notified to the users through the website. The users of the website needs to check for any updates or changes to the terms and conditions area of the website from time to time as certain changes may leave an impact on your usage.

Terms of Account

The user needs to be 18 years or above to make use of the service. The user should provide for a full legal name, an email address that is valid and any other information that is required to complete the entire signup process. It also needs to be understood that the users are responsible to keep the details regarding their password safe and Golden Picks will not be held responsible for any sort of damage or issues with the maintenance of the safety or security of your account with the website. The information purchased from the website is not allowed to be shared or passed on to anyone else. The users should not be using the information found at Golden Picks for illegal purposes or for purposes that are unauthorized. There should not be any violation of legal rules in the jurisdiction of the users. In case of any breach or violation of any of the Account terms and conditions provided by the website, Golden Picks has got the sole discretion to immediately terminate your services.

General rules and conditions

Before becoming a member of Golden Picks , you must read and accept to all the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement and Privacy policy. Golden Picks reserves the right to make any changes, modifications or terminate the provided service for any reason, without any notice at any point of time. You, the user, use the service at your own risk and Golden Picks cannot be held responsible. The services are provided without any warranty, conditions that are implied or statutory. There is no warranty with regard to precision, content or reliability of the content. We can refuse to offer any service to the users at any time. We do not warrant that the service will be error-free, timely, secure or reliable. There is no warranty with regard to the quality of the service, product, information or materials that are obtained by you and there is no guarantee as to the expectations or any errors of the service will be set right. The information that are published with Golden Picks is purely information and for entertainment purposes. No acceptance of any form of gambling, wagering or betting. Golden Picks is not responsible for any loss or damages caused to the customer either directly or indirectly as a means of using the information for betting or gambling purposes. Users should work in compliance with the local laws in order to avoid breaking of laws in the country. Users are not allowed to copy, sell, exploit, duplicate or reproduce any part of the service, without the written consent by Golden Picks. Any verbal or written abuse of any type of Golden Picks employee, member, customer or officer will result in immediate termination. If Golden Picks does not exercise the rights or provisions of the Terms of Service will not result in the waiver of such rights. In case of any misuse, abuse, misconduct of the relationship with Golden Picks will result in cancellation of the relationship.

Fees Payment

Users/Customers will be billed by Golden Picks for the services and subscriptions offered. The customer must accept the terms and conditions before subscription. Billings are made monthly and the subscription can be cancelled at anytime by contacting the website and the users should be aware that there will not be any refunds made unless you have used our service for 60 days and has not gained any profit. The pricing for Golden Picks service can be changed upon a notice of 14 days from the website.

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